Someone is losing

Domains drop for a number of reasons and is one of them, once an aged domain before it expired and plunged into 2020 new registrations territory.

Why did drop after being held for 23 years by the same registrant?

We can blame Covid-19 these days, but the truth is that at this point we don’t know. expired in October at Namesecure, a child registrar of The domain was not renewed and surprisingly, it didn’t end up at NameJet either.

Instead, was caught by DropCatch, the 800 lbs domain gorilla. It’s now in an auction, having attracted many domain investors and commands a high bid of $10,052 dollars with 2 days left to go.

As far as we know, was registered to an Asa M. Porter of Austin-based SMC Bubbaland Communications. He was using a spam-filtering email provided by Spamex, which could explain not receiving notifications to renew her domain.

Let’s hope he won’t be losing much sleep over the loss of – Photo by Eric T. on Unsplash

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