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#Sophie .com : Another aged #domain name has been acquired by Media Options

There’s no stopping Media Options, the brainchild of ever-busy domain entrepreneur, Drew Rosener.

After grabbing Pegasus.com by its wings, the premium domain brokerage acquired Sophie.com – apparently from the same owners as the winged horse domain.

This remarkable female first name was registered in 1998, although it existed as early as in 1996 and presumably it dropped.

There are 434 million results for “Sophie” in Google, and one famous person by that name is Sophie Xeon, a Scottish musician.

Sophie.com is now listed for sale at the Uniregistry Market, most likely with a solid asking price.

We can’t wait to see which premium, aged domains are acquired next by Media Options!

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

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2 Responses to “#Sophie .com : Another aged #domain name has been acquired by Media Options”
  1. seller says:

    Just wondering since drew is the owner of MediaOptions which is obvioulsy a well know and respected broker, he is also an investor as he regularly acquires super premium domains, yes many are acquired on drops but many are not.

    I am knocking him in any way, but is this not a big conflict of interest as he represents sellers of names and he can purchase via NDA’s, which full knowlege of the exact bottom price the seller is willing to take. Kind of like a real estate agent making an offer on a clients property but since NDA’s are used, it is possible that it is never disclosed to seller.

    Im guessing most of us good make great buys if we knew the real price seller is willing to let it go for.

  2. Emerson says:

    The Dad will go hell to pay 🤣🤣🤣

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