No surprise: fails to sell at eBay auction


The Brooklyn Nets won’t pay seven figures for

It came as no surprise: the domain name that was recently listed by its owner for sale on eBay, failed to meet reserve.

A total of 31 bids brought the highest offer up to $150,600 which is still an unverified bid.

The owners want $5 million dollars, having offered it to the Brooklyn Nets; the NBA team has stood firm in its decision not to spend this type of money on the domain, and are using

In a Mashable article, the author seized the opportunity to talk smack about domain owners, titling the subject with “Revealed: the conniving domain-squatters trolling an NBA team.

While the owners want to maximize their ROI, the overall taunting of the team that represents its sole biggest potential buyer isn’t expected to reap any results.

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After all, one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. πŸ˜‰


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