BODIS #domain buyer is big #Texas financial services advisor, #Ryan Corporation


Texas-based financial advisor corporation, Ryan, Inc., are the new owners of the domain

The domain sold for $250,000 dollars via Sedo, in a brokered sale that is eclipsed by an alleged private sale in 2000. At that time, the amount involved was $700k.

The big news, as one of our readers pointed out, is that the same company acquired in 2013.

The sale of to Ryan, Inc. was exclusively reported by domain investor, Logan Flatt.

So now Ryan, Inc. owns both and for an absolute domination in the tax domain field!

To this date there is no information about the amount that sold for. The domain was listed for sale at the time by Domain Holdings.

Get ready to pay your taxes, folks! 😀

The CEO owns both and now – Photo courtesy Logan Flatt

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