That Auction Girl: ‘Greek Fire’ Vanessa Thanos conducts E.CO auction

That Auction Girl: ‘Greek Fire’ Vanessa Thanos conducted the E.CO auction.

Those of you that were either present in person at Sedo’s auction of or watched the live feed over the Internet, could not have possibly missed the auctioneer’s charm, wit and scorching good looks.


Vanessa Thanos carries her family’s Greek genes quite gracefully.

Throughout the entire auction, the tall, slender graduate of the Missouri Auction School (The Harvard of Auctioneer Schools), and a member of the National Auctioneers Association performed her function with Spartan accuracy; yet, she delivered with Athenian elegance.

Born Vanessa Ambatielos in Los Angeles, California, the recently-wed Greek-American is well trained, cultured and experienced in handling all types of events.

Fluent in both Spanish and Greek, Vanessa spent her early years studying in Spain and working at prestigious auction houses such as Christie’s (California) and Sotheby’s (Madrid), where she gained the knowledge of auctioning fine wines and art.

During the auction, an event that ended at $81,000 after intense competition between a dozen bidders, auctioneer Vanessa Thanos performed her role in a manner that was both pleasant and interactive with the floor participants and the numerous viewers around the world.

Vanessa did not have an “Opa! moment” – that expression of mindless celebration Greeks are known for. But all the same, she maintained elegant control of the auction via her microphone, with a voice full of pure Hellenic class.

Vanessa Thanos - That Greek Auction Girl!

Displaying her vibrant on-stage personality that excels in the art of fast calling, Vanessa never broke a sweat while she handled the auction – often quizzing the participants in the auction room about the selling prices of various domains; carefully allowing for the clock to tick, thus successfully inviting higher bids from the online bidders.

Throughout the auction, Vanessa’s interactive auctioning method generated many laughs; the crowd clearly enjoyed her role at the podium and people often applauded, evidently having a great time.

Vanessa Thanos isn’t just all charm and good looks though; her resume is longer than several chapters of Homer’s Odyssey.

Since 2007, Vanessa Thanos participated in numerous fundraisers, event tournaments, charity auctions and prestigious galas, assisting in raising thousands of dollars on each occasion.

Known online as “That Auction Girl“, Vanessa Thanos was instrumental to the successful and pleasant auction of – her ability to pause when needed and yet speed through the bid calls like a dolphin on Aegean waters, was truly remarkable to watch.

That Auction Girl, Vanessa Thanos. Truly, a Greek goddess. Great choice, .CO Registry!

Video is from a different auction – an example of Vanessa Thanos in action!

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