That Auction Girl: ‘Greek Fire’ Vanessa Thanos conducts E.CO auction

Those of you that were either present in person at Sedo’s auction of or watched the live feed over the Internet, could not have possibly missed the auctioneer’s charm, wit and scorching good looks. Ouch!!! Vanessa Thanos carries her family’s Greek genes quite gracefully. Throughout the entire auction, the tall, slender graduate of the […]

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What happened to today’s Domain News???

Well folks, as many of you might know, I live in Florida. It’s the summer. Summer in Florida means one thing: hitting the beaches. So where was I? Ah yes, I was at the beach. I know TRAFFIC Vancouver is ongoing and that the auction is underway with a high bid of $24,000 currently. […]

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Sunday Evening Sermon with Father Domainicus

Good evening, my children. This is Father Domainicus, spreading the word of the Domain Lord. Every day, faithful domainers wonder whether there is salvation or whether the domaining industry is doomed. The very moment that we question salvation as the ultimate purpose in domainer life, we are doomed. We become sheep of evil – and […]

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In just five days from now, the big auction for the domain will be introducing the Colombian ccTLD to all domainers worldwide; a fiesta unlike no other, except perhaps that Shakira won’t be on stage. Still, there’s plenty of sexiness in the domain, the shortcut to many things electronic, e-commerce, educational and entertaining […]

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