The Distributed Denial of Service attack on Domainsville continues!

Domainsville is currently under a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

For the second day in a row, the attack on – the domain news aggregator and community created by domain investor and developer Abdu Tarabichi – continues relentlessly.

Abdu blogged about this despicable attack on his web site, stating:

“Many have been trying to access with not much luck due to a pathetic DDoS attack on the domain.  Some person just doesn’t like what I do at Domainsville, Inc., and couldn’t think of anything worse than sending/hiring someone to send a mountain load of requests to the site.”

Similar DDoS attacks have affected other domain blogs and domain venues in the past, including Michael Gilmour,, and

While Abdu is working to reinstate the service, he can’t but lash out at the low blows of the people behind this attack:

“While we are eagerly working on alleviating things, to whoever did this or set this mess up, I’ve got a few words for you: Shame On You.  Shame on you for going that low. […] To whoever did this: I hope you already earned what you wanted to get out of it.  Thank you for wasting my time.”

Let’s hope that this attack will soon stop and most importantly, the idiots behind it grow a pair of testicles instead.

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