The Domain King goes nuclear with anti #Verisign post and #domain registration

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Don’t ever get caught in the cross-hairs of Rick Schwartz; the Domain King unleashed an epic wall of fire against Verisign, following recent announcements containing strong anti-domainer sentiment.

The Verisign blog, replicated at CircleID, indirectly referred to domain investors as “scalpers,” and alleged that $1 billion dollars could be saved by consumers, if the domain aftermarket did not exist.

Rick’s response in a blog post after three weeks of silence, seeks an apology from Verisign, but not for the price increase that the dot .com registry is certain to have secured.

Rick Schwartz took personal insult on the “scalping” reference, and prefers to use the term “domain speculator” alongside domainer. In the past, the Domain King has referred to himself as a domain collector as well.

It’s still early to tell whether Verisign intends to issue a clarification or even an apology; for that matter, Rick Schwartz’s most recent domain registrations include the domain names:

The latter might be related to Rick’s displeasure with the popular social medium, which he left in December of 2017.

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