The Frank Schilling recipe works

Frank Schilling spent a summer in the French Riviera because he manages his domains expertly.

Frank Shilling has been shifting the paradigm, from an ever-spending investor to a frugal bidder on domain auction sites such as NameJet.

Frankie’s impressive sales through including the sale of for $185,000 – clearly show that the uber-domainer from Canada knows how money is made.

The recipe is simple: buy low, sell high.

Some of Frank’s recent acquisitions include the following domains:

  • for $409
  • for $511
  • for $600
  • for $100
  • for $343
  • for $109
  • for $79
  • for $570
  • for $180
  • for $260

The pattern clearly shows that Frankie likes to keep his spending per domain pretty low; he also clearly prefers aged .com domains and keyword .net domains that have a defined reselling potential.

We’ll keep an eye on Frank Schilling’s domain acquisitions as he knows what he’s doing. 😀


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3 Responses to “The Frank Schilling recipe works”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    once the euro collapses and france goes back to the franc and germany goes back to the
    schilling he will be even richer.

  2. Sameh says:

    @RaTHeaD .. how?

  3. Andrea Paladini says:

    Well, Frank is a great domain picker, that’s for sure.
    Jus d’orange (“orange juice” in French) is a nice name, but, IMO, Frank should be cautious, because I see now he’s putting clothing ads on it and the French company Jus d’Orange has a registered TM on a few products classes, including clothing, since 1992. The domain was registered in 1997. In this case, IMHO, they could be able to demonstrate “bad faith” in registration in a UDRP. Being “jus d’orange” a generic name, to avoid any issues, Frank should put only ads strictly related to the generic meaning of it, i.e. ads related to orange juice.
    Hope my humble tip can be useful 🙂

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