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The Trump Organization acquires Online.Casino domain for seven figures


Known for its aggressive domain acquisitions, the Trump Organization has just paid seven figures for the domain Online.Casino.

The NameJet auction attracted many gamblers from the domain investing community, who bid between $2 to over two and a half million dollars.

In the end, the auction was won by user “TrumpOrgLegal” who many speculated who might be.

Two days later, the domain forwards to the Trump Organization‘s headquarters, making the NameJet acquisition rather obvious.

“We are excited to have auctioned off an important piece of Internet property,” said Jonathan Tenenbaum of NameJet.

“Online.Casino is a prime domain, and will hopefully be put to good use soon, just like every other domain auctioned on NameJet,” added Tenenbaum.

The domain Online.Casino belongs to the Donuts, Inc. group of gTLDs, and now to the Trump Organization; expect some great, huge things to be created on it soon.

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One Response to “The Trump Organization acquires Online.Casino domain for seven figures”
  1. domain guy says:

    what this clearly shows is the power of domains. What has been lost is the fact trump purchased clintonkaine.com and used it correctly. While the Clinton campaign went on to pisss away 200 million dollars in a loosing effort instead on linking back to a descriptive corp domain. Social media is junk and you cannot control your message. Fb advertisers have woken up and pulled their ads from bullshit sites that are not relevant to the advertisers. A domain is key and you control it. Not FB, Snapchat, twitter, linkedin or instgram…

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