There will be Blood! Mike Mann’s Pigeon Droppings: Oil, Gas and Gold

Mike Mann is now the absolute oilman in the .CO oilfields and his straw is longer than yours!

Mike Mann has a plan: to take over the world, one dot co at a time.

His recent sale of was admittedly a raindrop in an ocean of sales.

What matters, is that Mike Mann has a certain taste for top-tier domain keywords, and this time around with the launch of .CO exactly 10 days ago, he went all Pikachu about it:

Gotta catch them all!

Mike Mann’s very own and make him the absolute oilman of the domain industry. Simply WOW – these are two uber-domains beyond any earthly classification.

At a time when BP and its environmental clusterphuck ruined the lives of animals and people alike, Mike Mann’s virtual oil wells are pumping the black gold non-stop.

Did we say “gold“? But of course, Mike Mann also owns

That’s right – – you can now faint, if you must.

Rick Schwartz playfully registered and – we are not too sure about what else he has acquired but we’re looking into it. Rick is known for not playing second fiddle to anyone, including his own shadow.

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5 Responses to “There will be Blood! Mike Mann’s Pigeon Droppings: Oil, Gas and Gold”
  1. tom says:

    I’d be interested to hear how Mike Mann got these top domains.

    How exactly does one guy secure all the top domain names? Maybe a payment under the table? And then extortion to get people to pay top dollar for them?

    When will a launch ever be fair for everyone?

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Tom – Perhaps you could ask him? I’m sure that certain advantages are secured by premium bids. No, there is no fair launch for everyone. Life is not fair, for sure.

  3. BullS says:

    You all can have the best of the best domains and websites but I am here to tell the whole world that all your domains are totally BullShitDomains and all your websites are totally

    If you have no money to buy, what good is it to buy from those sites?

    Back to my 99cent store.

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    BullS – that was errr, quite the commercial.

  5. Corey DotCo says:

    I presume that Mike Mann secured these domains before the extension went global. If so, good for him for speculating on multiple CCTLDs, based on either inside knowledge or an educated guess that Columbia would eventually go global with this.

    My understanding is that prior to the .CO launch that all of the domain owners had first dibs on .CO registrations. Here’s a blurb from an interview TheDomains did with Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet S.A.S.

    “… as was done in other countries, the new policy gave existing 3rd level registrants (prior to July 2008) priority to register the 2nd level equivalent. Because of this, about 4,000 names were “grandfathered” during March of 2010.”

    A cached page on GoDaddy indicates that “3rd tier” domains in Columbia had limited regulation in terms of who could hold them:
    “There are no local presence limitations for the registration of these domain names. Anyone can register,, and domain names on a first-come, first-served basis.”
    ( )

    So I guess we’ll wait to find out more from additional reporting or from Mr. Mann himself.

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