Three times a charm? #Frikik .com domain once again auctioned at #DropCatch!

The domain was auctioned twice at DropCatch, after the first auction’s winner failed to pay, apparently.

And now, is once again in a DropCatch auction, indicating that the second auction’s winner didn’t pay either!

In other words, the recorded sale of for $1,600 dollars is now null and void, and we are seeing that the current auction includes everyone that participated in the first two auctions, minus the non-paying winners, of course.

Frikik is Turkish for “free kick,” and a slang reference to the sighting of female body parts or underwear, through some accidental malfunction.

Let’s hope that three times will be a charm, and that will be paid for. After all, DropCatch wants its money to operate their fine domain dropcatching service. – In a DropCatch auction for the third time!

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