Timewarp: DNForum gets new servers

Setting up a brand new, sexy vBulettin skin just wasn’t enough for Adam Dicker, owner of popular domain forum DNForum.com

It’s very important to utilize a legible and functional forum “theme”, with colors that are easy on the eyes and text that is legible and sharp in every resolution.

Meanwhile, Adam’s gone one step further and has completely upped the ante of domain forums with brand new server hardware.

The forum’s loading speed is so fast that many domainers complained their posts appear *before* they even hit the submit button.

“I was busy typing up my domain sale post on DNForum and before I submitted it, I already had two offers and six private messages!”, says NameHoney on DNForum.

“I mean, guys, I think this is scary; it’s like getting marriage proposals before you even meet Mr. Right!”, she added with a giggle.

Nowadays, popular domain forums have established themselves as a valid, alternate venue for buying and selling domain names, along with socializing. DNForum is the oldest domain-specific forum on the Internet and as such it attracts thousands of visitors daily.

The new hardware will definitely make perusing the forum and engaging in domainer activities a sheer pleasure!

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