Top of the world : #Sedo CEO delivers speech from the Austrian Alps

It doesn’t always get lonely at the top; Tobias Flaitz, CEO of Sedo since early 2012, delivered an enthusiastic speech atop the Austrian Alps.

Thanking the employees of Sedo for their hard work and contributions in making the company the top domain marketplace, Tobias Flaitz also took credit for leading Sedo to the top:

I am very happy, thankful and satisfied to be CEO of Sedo for 6 years now and as such I am also proud to be the architect of what Sedo is today.

At the Sedo Christmas Party in November 2011 I said to the employees of Sedo that the most important asset of a company is the people, hence them. And ever since I followed this credo while investing into smart people at Sedo and enabling them to drive our business and constantly become better. The Sedo team as of today is a fantastic team to work with and rely on, with very valuable know-how, fantastic team spirit and great willingness to go through changes to the better every day. And Sedo has changed a lot in the last 6 years. We became leaner, more efficient and effective, more professional and more customer focused.

A key element of the Strategy was and still is to serve Sedo’s customers better and better again, gain in trustworthiness and market share while living the global and professional spirit of Sedo. Besides investing into great people, we invested into a better technology, the constant enhancement and expansion of our market offerings, the ongoing and constant improvement of our processes to provide easier paths to purchase and successfully increase the performance of our traffic monetization and domain trading services and channels … all of this to serve our clients (buyers and sellers) and partners (domainers/investors, registrars, registries and others) equally effective.

In the last 6 years we expanded and strengthened the internationalization as a truly global company with expertise in more than 20 languages to serve clients in more than 140 countries. We became a reliable partner for registrars across the globe with our reseller network making premium secondary market names available at their store front helping them to serve their clients better and retain them. Over the last 6 years we also became a knowledgeable and trusted partner for registries across the globe supporting them with our expertise to market their new and legacy TLD in their endeavor to grow user awareness and interest in domain names and educate prospects about the greater value of a better domain name and their own virtual real estate. We serve almost every TLD to be traded through our platform and broker services as well as auctions.

Following Sedo’s own abbreviation: Search Engine for Domain Offerings we continuously strive to be THE place to search and find the best domain names, making them available through our search logic and displaying the respective names, no matter if part of the regular secondary market, premium reserved, tier-priced or registry owned premium name or else.

I want to sincerely thank all of Sedo’s clients and partners and of course all employees of Sedo: it has been a great journey so far and it is fantastic to work with and for you! What we accomplished over the last years is impressive and there is more to come in 2018 and the following years! Sedo has never been better prepared for the future than today.

I wish you all a prosperous and successful Year 2018.

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3 Responses to “Top of the world : #Sedo CEO delivers speech from the Austrian Alps”
  1. On sign-in security, Tobias Flaitz has failed to implement two-factor authentication, which has long been a feature on eNom and GoDaddy.

    For parked domains, Sedo shares more statistics on traffic origination than any other marketplace, but Sedo has stood still on this feature since Tobias Flaitz took the helm.

    Traffic data is vital for setting prices, selecting advertising keywords, identifying the need for acquiring variations of a domain, putting together strategies for outbound marketing, alerting us to UDRP risks, and deciding whether to renew a domain.

    It’s hard to believe that in 2018 we have to beg for better data, over user-selected time periods, and for it to be provided in downloadable formats. Yet here we are, Tobias Flaitz.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Anthony – Have you raised your concerns with customer service at Sedo?

  3. The TFA issue has been raised repeatedly by others, and I’ve brought the issue of improving statistics to Sedo’s attention previously. Sedo support has been interacting with me most recently over the issue of being blocked from logging into because of too many failed attempts to log into my account.

    It’s not a dictionary attack, I was told, but merely based on too many failed login attempts (for any and all Sedo accounts) from my IP address.

    Simply because Sedo support does not believe it’s a dictionary attack – is no reason to delay implementation of two-factor authentication.

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