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TP.com : The most valuable two letter #domain right now

Two letter domain names are known as “LL” and the .com variant is very valuable. While not as high priced as a couple of years ago, they fetch top dollar as far as short domains go.

It seems that the two letter domain TP.com is one heck of valuable domain name currently, for two reasons.

First reason: TP stands for “toilet paper,” and with the coronavirus global scare, some people stockpile lots of toilet paper – the epitome of hoarding. It seems that the old art of washing one’s anus with water is forgotten, but the Japanese know otherwise.

TP.com – It’s about toilet paper, Trump & Pence. Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

Meanwhile, TP.com displays a notice claiming it’s the official yet unofficial blog of Trump and Pence.:D The VP’s name is misspelled as “Pense.”

This hilarious note makes sense as 2020 is an election year in the US. It is not yet clear, however, if Donald Trump will keep Pence on the Republican ticket; there are some rumors that suggest otherwise.

What would TP.com fetch at an auction? The auction of OA.com at Sedo fetched about $618,000 dollars, so perhaps TP.com would fetch at least as much – and a bunch of toilet paper. 😀

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3 Responses to “TP.com : The most valuable two letter #domain right now”
  1. Don W. says:

    My Costco was out of all brands of TP. They had a sign by the front door stating this.

    Safeway had plenty though, for now.

  2. BullS says:

    How do the people do their wiping before the existence of TP?

    ____ rub with dirt!!

  3. Don W says:

    You might have to use dirt, Costco now out for 23,000 years:


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