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#Sedo – Complete #Great Domains auction results including OA.com

Sedo offers the GreatDomains auction – now every 2nd month.

Sedo, our kind sponsor, shared with us the results of its recent Great Domains auction.

Although the two letter domain, OA.com, topped the charts with a 554000 EUR ticket ($618,000 USD) there are other domains that did well at the auction.

Here’s the list of domains that sold, and their respective prices.

We did not convert the currency from EUR to USD, so prices are mixed.

oa.com 554000 EUR
mallorca.at 9900 EUR
spacepass.com 4100 EUR
insidedigital.de 3900 EUR
comunica.com 2999 EUR
qj.de 2050 EUR
pädiatrie.de 999 EUR
grade.net 995 $USD
rxin.com 909 EUR
another.io 900 EUR
balloonstore.com 800 EUR
nervi.com 751 $USD
behd.com 700 $USD
rtin.com 420 EUR
cubatoday.com 245 $US
vxg.de 209 EUR
mp4.co 170 $USD
yolx.com 169 $USD
zvat.com 143 $USD
770.co 120 $USD
snowcleaner.com 99 $USD
sportkurs.ch 99 EUR
bettingsports.uk 99 $USD

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