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Trademark violations plague newly launched .OOO gTLD


The party has begun among those adopting the new India-based gTLD, .OOO (triple Oh) which launched to much fanfare and some very hopeful expectations.

With around 4,600 registrations so far according to nTLDStats, .OOO is attracting numerous trademark violations – something that wasn’t witnessed with other gTLDs, such as .XYZ, for example.


Domains of famous marks have already been registered, versus being blocked.

Such domains include:

  • ebay.ooo
  • cnn.ooo
  • ibm.ooo
  • pepsi.ooo
  • quora.ooo
  • dell.ooo
  • nike.ooo
  • walmart.ooo

On the other hand, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, YouTube, Apple and Facebook have all secured their respective brands in .OOO. Those are just a handful we checked “by hand”.

Would you register a .OOO domain? We say, IDontThinkSo.ooo. 😀

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