TRAFFIC: Most domainers will be dead by 2099


RIP Joe Domainer.

The grim realization that most of the TRAFFIC Las Vegas attendants won’t be alive in the year 2099, came as a surprise during a drinking session at the Bellagio, at 3:45am on Saturday.

“I hate to say it, but by 2099 I will be pushing up the daisies in my favorite cemetery,” said Michael Cyger of DomainSherpa; Elliot Silver somberly nodded his head, agreeing.

“The good times we all shared at TRAFFIC shall remain forever in my lengthy video interviews, as footage ‘in memoriam’, no doubt!” added Cyger, downing his third double scotch on the rocks.

Meanwhile, Shane Cultra of DomainShane seemed to disagree.

“I don’t run marathons nor work my ass off daily, for nothing! If something bad happens in 2099, it’d better be due to earth’s global head-on collision with a meteorite, as I have other plans for that day!” exclaimed Shane.

Unless a time capsule that will be preserving domainers cryogenically is deployed soon, most popular domain bloggers will begin to disappear in the coming decades. will look almost empty by 2075, according to current age stats gathered on bloggers by Francois.

“I feel bad blogger die, absolument, but maybe future Internet not so bad, domain gTLD approve monetization and how you say, production of content for masses,” said Francois, who never attends domain conferences.

“I promise, if daughter or son of domainer, or grandchild, want continue blog on after you die, option RSS feed arranged, absolument!” said Francois.

But not everything needs to be treated as imminent, however. The year 2099 is still 86 years away, or in 31390 days – not accounting for leap years.

Enjoy domaining, folks!


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