Transaction Assurance : New Afternic feature explained

A few weeks ago, Afternic changed its old escrow process, introducing Transaction Assurance as a new service.

Apparently, that led to a few confusing and uninformed threads over at NamePros.

Joe Styler, Aftermarket Product Manager for GoDaddy and overall great guy, put all the information together, in order to explain why Afternic implemented these changes.

Said Styler:

Compliance – We are not an escrow company and using this new flow allows us to be compliant to all laws in the areas we operate which is very important for everyone.

Ease of use – Much of what we have done over the past 2 years around the Aftermarket is being done to reduce overall friction for the buyer and seller to allow domains to move to buyers easier and make managing your domains for sale easier.

As with every new process and system there are issues, and Joe Styler said that GoDaddy and Afternic in particular are working hard behind the scenes to fix any ongoing issues.

One thing Afternic customers should be doing, is to check their payment settings, which is definitely important for sellers:

“If you are waiting for payment the #1 thing I have seen resolve this the fastest is to login to your Afternic account and go to your payment settings. Make sure that you have a payment set up as a default option and that is correct. We migrated all the old payment information into the new system.

If you are in doubt or cannot find a way to select a default payment option it is faster to create a new payment method (even using the same info you already have) and select that new payment method as your default. Doing this will tell the system to try and pay you for any outstanding balance you are owed.”

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One Response to “Transaction Assurance : New Afternic feature explained”
  1. Ben says:

    I regret to say that, “Transaction Assurance : New Afternic feature” is a complete frustration…

    They sold my domains about 4 weeks ago and they confirmed they received the domains… But they still do not pay…

    When I asked them, why you are not sending my payments, they say: “We are sorry we are going to send but we have some payout issues with new system…etc… ”

    I sent them many emails until now, to get my payments but still waiting… They let me down badly…

    Customer service is very bad … I think that they do not have enough staff … They respond too late …

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