True owner of is a Malaysian crypto sleuth, according to research

The true and current owner of the domain is a Malaysian tech and crypto sleuth, according to research performed by investor George Kirikos.

Armed with targeted Google searches related to the Cloudflare DNS pair used by, Kirikos concluded with “99% certainty” that Arsyan Ismail of Malaysia is in control of the domain

He can point it to ChatGPT or to Elon Musk’s either as part of an exchange, or simply because he can. 🙂

Some facts pointed out by George Kirikos were then supported by research performed by domain investor Bill Patterson. Here are some interesting notes:

  • The Cloudflare DNS pairs, and are one pair out of 2,500 combinations. Other domains owned by Arsyan Ismail also received the same DNS pair at the same time, two years ago.
  • The sale of took place in 2021 and was the brokerage; both co-founders, Jeff Gabriel and Amanda Waltz follow the @arsyan account on Twitter.
  • AI are the initials of Arsyan Ismail, whose focus as far as domain investments go, involve .ai domains, NFT domains, crypto and BTC domains, and other technology domains related to the cryptocurrency space.

Of course, the potential ownership of by Arsyan Ismail might be backed by a third party or corporate consortium with the appropriate financial resources.

Don’t expect any of these research claims to be confirmed or denied by the parties involved. 🙂

Follow George Kirikos’s thread here and Bill Patterson here.

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