Uniregistry announces the integration of Affiliate functions with Domain Name Sales

Frank Schilling has sent out a new message to all Domain Name Sales users:

Frank Schilling of Uniregistry and DNS.

Frank Schilling of Uniregistry and DNS.

“Earlier this week at Uniregistry.com we were pleased to announce the launch of our Affiliate Plus program. Uniregistry Affiliate Plus allows you to act as a reseller of the Uniregistry registrar, earning healthy fixed commissions on any names purchased, transferred or renewed at Uniregistry.

Today we are pleased to offer the first of many future integrations between DomainNameSales.com and Uniregistry. Now you can use the Portfolios/Affiliates tab in the Settings menu of DomainNameSales to select different Uniregistry affiliate offerings and display them on your parked pages. DNS offers the same pay-rates as a direct signup via Uniregistry.

You can read more about the genesis of the Uniregistry Affiliate Plus program in my recent blog-post on 7mile.com entitled “Life is What U Make It.

I expect that over the coming years DomainNameSales customers will find many ways to take advantage of the affiliate discounts offered via Uniregistry Affiliate Plus, whether it be affiliate marketing, growing a name sales business on our platform or securing some of the lowest prices in the industry on the name purchases you need anyway.

The Uniregistry registrar will allow DomainNameSales to carry out many innovations including sales integration and instant low-cost transfers of names for DomainNameSales customers. We plan to offer you access to financing of purchases for your buyers and credit card sales transactions of your names with free Uniregistry handled escrow or low cost third-party escrow via Escrow.com or Agreed.com. The integration of the Uniregistry registrar will allow us to lower costs and expand innovation in name sales. It will allow us to expand our patented iPhone app to allow you to start merchant transactions remotely for your low priced names — there are so many additional features coming to let you facilitate the efficient clearance of your transactions.

Those of you who have not yet tried Uniregistry should take some time to familiarize yourself with this product. Interact with the registrar and play with it. Uniregistry is a complete registrar offering including whois privacy, automated transfer management, advanced DNS options, portfolio functionality and multi-factor security. You can make free websites using “name in browser” redirects via Tumblr.com integration and setup DNS templates to work with GitHub, Squarespace and other leading sites. Future additions at Uniregistry will be an automated document upload system to manage IP issues around names and additional Google integration using Gmail and Google Apps. Power users will be quick to understand how the interplay between DomainNameSales and Uniregistry will grow to their benefit in the coming years.

I have been proud to watch DomainNameSales continue to improve and evolve. I am especially proud to see this first ever integration with Uniregistry.

As always, we appreciate your support for letting us serve you and help to make your names business stronger.”

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