Uniregistry : New mass WHOIS tool can find available domains quickly

Uniregistry has been tweaking its WHOIS tool, preparing for a grand merger with Domain Name Sales in January.

As one of the newest ICANN accredited domain registrars, Uniregistry’s growth is based on the easy to navigate, highly manageable domain panel it provides to domain account holders.

Among domain investors, Uniregistry is also popular due to the bulk discount pricing it offers, and the ability to monitor one’s domain expirations.

The latest WHOIS tweaks allow for the mass querying of hundreds of TLDs and new gTLDs for a given string; the domains that are already registered are tallied separately, as one can see in the combined screenshots below.

For a demonstration, visit the Uniregistry WHOIS tool.


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One Response to “Uniregistry : New mass WHOIS tool can find available domains quickly”
  1. Filiberto says:

    Very nice tool. Just inform Uniregistry that the suffix .services is always excluded from the search results.

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