#UniregistryFestivus : Happy #Festivus .com from Frank Schilling

Uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, owns the ultra-festive domain name, Festivus.com – honoring a celebratory day when a meal is served, an aluminum pole is raised and grievances are aired, along with feats of strength.

Frank sent out a Festivus holiday card about the day of Festivus; ’tis the season, when domainers around the world break bread together, to bitch and moan about their trivial issues and brag about their petty accomplishments.

“Best wishes for a happy Festivus for the rest of us, and I’d like to welcome every domain investor to air their grievances and tag them with a #UniregistryFestivus hashtag,” said Frank Schilling.

“This year has been tremendous for all Uniregistry members, and anyone willing to complain after earning so much Topcoin for free, should air their grievances now, or forever hold their peace – I love y’all!” added Frank Schilling, smiling.

Frank was referring to the recent split of Topcoin into an Ethereum-based supercoin, an early gift to all faithful Uniregistry customers, and truly a Festivus miracle! 😀

Happy Festivus Frank! 😀

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