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#UniregistryFestivus : Happy #Festivus .com from Frank Schilling

Uber-domainer, Frank Schilling, owns the ultra-festive domain name, Festivus.com – honoring a celebratory day when a meal is served, an aluminum pole is raised and grievances are aired, along with feats of strength. Frank sent out a Festivus holiday card about the day of Festivus; ’tis the season, when domainers around the world break bread […]

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Domain Live Wire: Frank Schilling to buy Cayman Island

Not content with living in one of the most coveted tropical destinations in the Caribbean, uber-domainer Frank Schilling is getting an upgrade in 2011. After a successful year that included record revenue from food-related domains and a great Festivus, Frank Schilling will be shelling out some serious schillings for Umaku, a small but perfectly habitable […]

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