Update: Formerly stolen domain EXF.com was returned to its owner

Who doesn’t like a happy ending?

In November 2014, the domain name EXF.com was stolen from its legitimate owner – not once, but twice.

EXF.com was then transferred from GoDaddy to Ename, the Chinese domain registrar notorious for being used by domain thieves.

The domain’s legitimate owner contacted us today, to let us know that EXF.com is back in his possession, at GoDaddy, after the biggest domain registrar succeeded in pressing Ename with all the necessary evidence.

Considering how it took three months to return the stolen domain name, one can only hope their domain name is not stolen in the first place, nor transferred to another domain registrar.

Domain theft became a hot topic in 2014, with a record number of domains being stolen last year by Chinese domain thieves.

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2 Responses to “Update: Formerly stolen domain EXF.com was returned to its owner”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    I am still asking godaddy to get back 6462 from the thieves who put it at ename, they have changed the nameservers now but there is a still a youtube video with the interface showing the stolen domain statement ……. dear santa domain name …. part two

  2. Rod.Tv says:

    Forgot to say thanks for speaking out for those who can’t

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