Update: InternetBS assists in reclaiming stolen LLL .com domain names

Domain names are getting stolen more often than what you think.

Domain names are getting stolen more often than what you think.

InternetBS, the domain registrar where three domain names ended up, after being stolen in mid-December, has returned them to their legitimate owner.

As posted by Matt Binder, HGX.com, QVO.com and AtlantaFashion.com are now in his possession.

The domains WKZ.com and UKR.com that are managed by eNom remain stolen; apparently, Binder is facing a lot of resistance by eNom, in his efforts to reclaim the domains in this openly disclosed domain theft:

“They were both stolen in the same GoDaddy crime sweep that took my other 3 domains, both stolen by the same person, via the same PacificHost reseller, etc. but these two happened to be transferred to ENOM, who have made it pretty clear via email that they are uninterested in helping me.”

This is really refreshing news, and it’s a case to be applauded as we’d expect much larger domain registrars, such as eNom, to be processing supportive information more expeditiously.

“Each time I received an email from Internet.bs, the rep (they had one dedicated rep working with me the entire time, he even sent me updates on weekends) brought me an actual update, sharing with me information, working with the reseller PacificHost, asking me for specific items to help prove the thief stole domains from me, going over what I provided and what the thief was providing, and trying to build an actual case. They were able to prove the thief had fabricated his side of the story (I will talk more about this publicly later) and that he had truly stolen the domains from me.”

Congratulations to InternetBS and to Matt for acting in a fast and resilient manner; hopefully, the other domains will soon be reclaimed as well.

Link to update, here.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!


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  1. Konstantinos Zournas says:

    Good to hear these is no BS in InternetBS. (bad name btw)

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