#VeteransDay .com : Another great #domain going to waste!

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served.

Great generic domains, such as, attract a lot of direct type-in traffic. At least, that’s the concept, which is proven wrong by Google whenever they change their ranking algorithm.

Registered in 1997, the domain is currently offline, unable to reap any natural organic traffic. It seems, that the domain has not resolved since 2014, when it was forwarding its affiliate id to

Such URL forwarders can also lead to repercussions, and from what we see is not indexed by Google, and is potentially banned, just like

It’s really a shame seeing such a great domain going to waste!

So what is the best approach with managing generic domain names such as

Instead of parking them, or forwarding them to another domain, develop them into independent web sites. Present content related to the keywords, for example Veterans Day health issues, links to memorial services and link to associations catering to veterans.

By building out a mini portal you ensure that Google will index your web site and won’t ban it – as long as the content is deemed useful for its visitors.

Such a concept is utilized by the top result on Google for “Veterans Day”at – Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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One Response to “#VeteransDay .com : Another great #domain going to waste!”
  1. BullS says:

    It is a pure insult to the country and to all the veterans.

    We need to get Uncle Trump to get that domain!!

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