Video King : Rick Schwartz’s latest #domain registrations hint of new ventures

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, has taken Twitter by storm by sharing videos carrying his domainer wisdom.

Our favorite one, “back pocket“, is one of many such videos that Rick shares, a few months after returning to Twitter.

Rick enjoys shooting the videos as much as sharing advice with his followers. It’s fun seeing the amount of tripods and cameras that he has amassed for the purpose! 😀

Rick’s passion for domain focused videos doesn’t end there, and it’s clear that his appetite is expanding.

In recent days, Rick registered the following domain names related to videos and his “Domain King” brand, which is a registered trademark:

It seems that Rick Schwartz has big plans ahead, perhaps to take over Domain Sherpa eventually? 😀

With the Asheville domainer meetup coming up in August, anything is possible!

Rick Schwartz’s collection of cameras and tripods is increasing – photo courtesy of @DomainKing

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One Response to “Video King : Rick Schwartz’s latest #domain registrations hint of new ventures”
  1. David says:

    Interesting. I would think that the domainking tm would provide ample protection. Additionally, I would think that sub domains would be better than individual, separate domains. Nonetheless, I too have registered domains, then after further thought, changed my plan.

    Thanks for sharing as always!

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