#Domain stud : Rick Schwartz shares how much he paid for several #adult domains

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz, the de facto Domain King, has no problem sharing how much he spent to acquire his domains.

With over 20 years of active domain investing experience, Rick was an early participant in the domain acquisition market, paying small chunks of money for quality domains.

At the same time, Rick Schwartz believes that there is nothing wrong with revealing how much he spent for these domains, many of them adult – what he paid for them won’t affect his asking price, when he sells them.

Said Rick:

I have no issues publishing prices I paid for my #domainnames. Most think it will affect their #sales price. Nonsense unless you are VERY weak. My cost has NOTHING whatsoever to do with my sales price. This is the WRONG #business to price your #Domains according to cost! DUH!!

So which acquisition prices did the Domain King reveal today?

Here’s a short list:

XXXVideos.com $900
Vagina.com $6,000
Booty.com $1,000
Nymphos.com $5,000
Ass.com $12,500
Virgins.com $8,500
Bitch.com $2,500
Queen.com $2,500
iExport.com $3,688
GoFishing.com $12,500
Widgets.com $5,000
Stud.com $1,000
Slut.com $75,000
KinkySex.com $88,500

All these domains would now sell for tens of thousands of dollars, or millions even! 😀

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