WAPM: Women Against Playboy Mansion

The recent incident with the so-called “Domainfest flu” is causing some ripples in the domain industry.

It’d be nice and dandy to simply experience the type of flu anyone can get by handshakes and the like.

Apparently, this nasty bug was airborne.

Airborne, as in shelled out through the fog machine used for special effects at the Playboy Mansion, according to DNJournal.

Once the news of partying among Playboy bunnies broke the domainer circles, a number of wives and girlfriends of domainers that attended the Playboy Mansion party got together and formed a committee.

Its name: WAPM – Women Against Playboy Mansion.

“I was ok with Bob attending that domainer conference, I thought it’d be something geeky and controlled, but I had no idea whatsoever there will be Playboy sluts there!”, said Tabitha, a domainer’s wife from the Midwest.

“My man, ogling down those silicone breasts and stuff, then getting a nasty flu? Never again!”

The WAPM committee is growing currently through Facebook – there are pictures of the Playboy bunnies most likely to have triggered the flu sickness and it has 360 friends already.

“Those girls are like, oh my god, like wearing nothing but pasties, their ass is barely covered and our men are getting the flu and bring it home? This has to stop”, said Gina H. from Ontario, Canada, adding: “I’d like to slap that b*tch who probably got her junk in my boyfriend’s face!”

It’s obvious that Domainfest and other domain conferences like TRAFFIC will probably switch to less scandalous and infection-prone entertainment in the future, in order to provide domainers with the best bang for their buck.

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6 Responses to “WAPM: Women Against Playboy Mansion”
  1. Gina H. - WAPM Member says:

    Thank you so much for posting this article, Lucius and spreading awareness about WAPM. Although I think my boyfriend is the culprit in spreading this because I found cell phones pictures of him kissing a Bunny, tongue and all, and that is probably how this flu was spread to others by shaking hands with other domainers. So, my cure was to kick him in the nuts. The Doctor says he should recover after he gets his voice back and his balls retract from inside his stomach. I wish everyone a speedy recovery.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Ouch, Gina – What have you done? A kick in the nuts is not the way to go.

  3. todaro says:

    as long as they get back home before nine they’re not put on restriction
    and get their full allowance..
    it pays to be good lookin’… i know… i am.

  4. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Todaro – Without a photo as proof you still have one ugly avatar 😀

  5. LOL says:

    liven up ladies. I would let my girlfriend kiss, just kiss a playboy, just for the hell of it.

    All you guys freaking out for nothing. Its a wonder this is getting any coverage at all. Jealous women form useless committee. Someone register WAPMsucks.com.

    If your girlfriend gets pissed off at you for going to a place and having fun, just dump her. You can find many others who would just laugh this off.

    Todero thats the spirit 😉

  6. At one point I was sitting there eating dinner at the mansion, and to my right was a bare … ummm,….not sure how to say it but…… well anyway, the next thought out of my mind was “Now that’s how you get pink eye!”

    I am allowed to make tasteless jokes on the subject as I am now under the influence of Z-Pak, just took the L.A. Health department survey, and still have a horrible wheeze deep in my lungs!

    I wish you all well, and hope none is doing worse than me right now!

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