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Playboy Mansion strikes back reversing bad rep from Domainer Flu

The Playboy Mansion has been hit with a ton of negative publicity lately, thanks to the so-called “domainer flu” that made many domainers sick during Domainfest Santa Monica. The favorite hangout of celebrities and wannabe’s alike, is bustling with silicone-enhanced Playboy bunnies on each and every gala. During Domainfest, an outbreak of Legionnaire’s was allegedly […]

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WAPM: Women Against Playboy Mansion

The recent incident with the so-called “Domainfest flu” is causing some ripples in the domain industry. It’d be nice and dandy to simply experience the type of flu anyone can get by handshakes and the like. Apparently, this nasty bug was airborne. Airborne, as in shelled out through the fog machine used for special effects […]

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