War over .Wine: Forbes tells France to zip it about gTLD domain names

Eli Sugarman wrote a steamy article at Forbes, advising the French ICANN delegates to put a lid on it, cork it, or just plainly drop the argument altogether.

The approval by ICANN of an allocation process for the dot .Wine and dot .Vin gTLDs, enraged the French officials, who called out ICANN as unfit to handle the multi-stakeholder process.

Not everyone agrees with the French pantomime, however.

The protectionism argument has taken ridiculous proportions on behalf of France, that are mobilizing the French media against ICANN’s decision.

Sugarman’s article does not sugar-coat it either.

He points out that due to the ongoing transition of power from the US Government to ICANN, France is providing fodder to countries seeking to erode the Internet freedoms and hinder web innovation.

For the full article, click here.

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