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#Bonjour : Registrant of #French #domain will resist any government attempts to surrender it

After the recent fiasco with France.com, the domain registrants of other French domains are up in arms. Bonjour.com, is one such premium domain that emits the French culture and heritage, and thus, appears to be in danger. It was registered in 1995, according to WHOIS information provided by DomainTools. Tracy Fogarty, eNaming CEO and founder, […]

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War over .Wine: Forbes tells France to zip it about gTLD domain names

Eli Sugarman wrote a steamy article at Forbes, advising the French ICANN delegates to put a lid on it, cork it, or just plainly drop the argument altogether. The approval by ICANN of an allocation process for the dot .Wine and dot .Vin gTLDs, enraged the French officials, who called out ICANN as unfit to […]

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