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Wines.com : Alleged private sale from 2004 has been removed from #NameBio

The NameBio sales entry of the domain Wines.com has been removed. The “private sale” allegedly took place in 2004, and the listed selling price for Wines.com was $2.9 million dollars.

Obviously, that sale did not take place, as a lawsuit involving Wines.com indicates that the domain’s registrant didn’t change for 24 years: From 1994 to 2018.

The original registrant of Wines.com, Jacklyn Wilferd, could not have possibly sold it in 2004, as the NameBio entry claimed; the domain was listed for sale at $1.2 million dollars in 2017.

Wines.com – Reported private sale never occurred

Jacklyn Wilferd is now pursuing the return of Wines.com from Khuram Dhanani and his company Digital Equity LLC; Dhanani alleges he legitimately bought wines.com off Wilferd for $50,000 in July 2018 and has since sold it for about $200,000 dollars to Brent Oxley, founder of Houston-based web services provider HostGator.

We noted that Brent Oxley appears to have sold the domain Wines.com earlier this year. The lawsuit to recover the domain Wines.com was filed in May, per an article at Law360.com.

Regardless of the legal status of Wines.com, we wonder how many other “private domain sales” reported on NameBio have never taken place and should be invalidated.

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