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Wines.com : Did Brent Oxley just sell this premium #domain name about #wines?

Brent Oxley acquires domains that exceed the quality of even the top domain investors’ portfolios. The founder of Hostgator sold his “baby” for several hundred million dollars, and enjoys life – and supreme domain name collections. Wines.com is one of these top notch domains that Brent Oxley acquired. The domain was sold for $2.9 million […]

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Wines.com : Eight figures domain discounted to seven figures for a quick sale

Wines have been produced throughout the world since ancient times, and it’s a popular, adult drink to our days. The Romans believed that “in vino veritas” – in wine, there is truth – and the ancient Greeks consumed their wines mixed with water (3 parts wine, 1 part water) and reserved the unadulterated wines to […]

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