#Yahoo Data #Breach Settlement .com : Obligatory long tail #domain used for class action lawsuit

Yahoo! did not ensure the safeguarding its users information, resulting in one of the biggest data leaks in history.

Billions of email addresses, names, and other personal data became part of the leak. The ensuing class action lawsuit led to some decisions by the court, after an army of lawyers jumped in.

That means, real lawyers, not like the guy who bids on DropCatch with a “lawyer” moniker.

If you have used a Yahoo! email address between 2012 to 2016, you might be entitled to monetary compensation, additional expenses paid, or credit monitoring.

To view the eligibility of your claims, head over to the Yahoo! data breach settlement web site, hosted on YahooDataBreachSettlement.com.

This obligatory “long tail domain” was registered in April, according to WHOIS data provided by DomainTools.

If you are a domain investor, make sure you don’t manage your domain portfolio under a Yahoo! email address.

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