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Yolo like a #Cholo .com : #Domain auction closed with a sale at #DropCatch

The auction of Cholo.com, one of the best Hispanic keyword domains in recent memory, has ended.

Caught by DropCatch, this domain trophy was auctioned off and it attracted 114 bids from 71 bidders.

The winner of the auction is DropCatch user domainw1nn3r – how appropriate. 😀 The winning bid was at $7,705 dollars.

Hopefully the winner will pay and the auction will be confirmed as legit by NameBio; unlike, for example, that of DeepShit.com.

Cholo.com – domain auction ended at DropCatch

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One Response to “Yolo like a #Cholo .com : #Domain auction closed with a sale at #DropCatch”
  1. Cholo is a word used in South America. In Peru is an affection word; in Bolivia, it is an offensive word that white man used to name the half breed people; in Argentina, Cholo is the Atletico De Madrid famous coach.
    It is a Europeanized word for Indian, mestizo, as used in the southern USA, referring to a man of Mexican descent.
    Yes, it is an interesting word/domain.

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