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You don’t have to be crazy as a domainer, but it helps!


Alan Dunn – NameCorp.

The process of buying and selling domain names – collectively referred to as domaining – carries a mystique for many outsiders to the game.

Domains are nothing other than digital entries in a database, recorded with a loose ownership information.

To this date, there is no digital title that locks things down, and in many cases of fraud involving domain theft, that lack of a title complicates things.

Still, in the majority of cases, domain names offer to many the ability to make money, which can be substantial.

There’s an underlying logic to this madness, or is it the other way around?

Domain investor, Alan Dunn, has performed large domain sales, beginning with his first domain registration in 1996; he’s been involved in more than $50 million dollars in total domain sales since.

He’s the managing director of NameCorp, a digital agency specializing in domain branding and acquisitions.

In an article published by Medium, Alan Dunn talks about the importance of defining an asking price for domains, and attempts to explain how two seemingly “normal” parties – the buyer and the seller – engage in an act of “madness” by exchanging domains for thousands, or millions of dollars.

You should read the article, titled “$25,000 for a domain name is (not) Crazy. Or is it?”

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One Response to “You don’t have to be crazy as a domainer, but it helps!”
  1. Vincent says:

    You forgot collecting as part of the process. Some domainers collect. They refuse to sell.

    One more- dropping. Buying, selling, and dropping.

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