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10 things we learned from a pair of DomainInvesting blog posts about .WS domains

A pair of recent posts about .WS domains and their investment-worthiness, generated dozens of user comments at DomainInvesting.com. The story started on Thursday, when domain investor, Braden Pollock, posted an op-ed article, titled “Why I Invested Six Figures in .WS Domain Names.” It’s almost certain that the lack of a poster’s identification in the title, […]

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You don’t have to be crazy as a domainer, but it helps!

The process of buying and selling domain names – collectively referred to as domaining – carries a mystique for many outsiders to the game. Domains are nothing other than digital entries in a database, recorded with a loose ownership information. To this date, there is no digital title that locks things down, and in many […]

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