Zeroes and O’s: Drew Rosener almost bought

Domain investors are always looking for bargains, especially during the Holiday season.

Buying domains that are seemingly under-priced might be a good opportunity to flip these domains in 2024.

But there are some pitfalls to avoid, such as mixing letters for other letters, such as O’s and 0’s.

Even veteran domain investor, Drew Rosener went after what he thought was the 3 letter (LLL) .com domain

Paying $7,777 dollars for a three letter .com sounds like a huge bargain, except it’s actually, zero Kay Ar.

Luckily, this all took place on Twitter instead of pulling the BIN trigger on a Sedo listing, for example. Drew quickly realized his mistake and retracted his offer.

Depending on the type font used, zero can look eerily close to the capital letter O.

So be careful out there, especially when you might have been under the influence of one eggnog too many. 😉

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