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DAN.com: Time for the unauthorized .Bond press release to die

DAN.com denied that it was contracted by the dot .Bond registry, ShortDot, to conduct a questionable auction of two .Bond domains, 007.bond and James.bond. Note: DAN is a premium sponsor of DomainGang. In the .Bond registry press release, the statement reads: “ShortDot SA, the domain registry that owns and operates the .bond domain extension, has […]

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“Abject stupidity:” James.Bond and 007.Bond for sale at #Sedo

IP attorney, John Berryhill, shared news of the domains 007.Bond and James.Bond up for sale on Sedo. The obvious trademark violations were advertised via a banner at NamePros, with links to the Sedo auction for James.Bond. Said John Berryhill in a post titled “Abject Stupidity:” So, some idiot paid $800 for this domain name, made […]

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