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This is why domain trading is not recommended : Bar.org traded for Kisses.net

Trading domains is not something that domain investors should engage in. The stolen domain, Bar.org, was traded for Kisses.net, leading to a more complex situation. If Bar.org, a stolen domain asset, had been sold for money, the loss would have been monetary and depending on the payment method, the funds could be retrievable. However, when […]

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Warning : Stolen domains Bar.org, Quit.org, WMW.org and UAL.net

A batch of domains were stolen from the NameCheap account of their legitimate owner. The list of names includes Bar.org, Quit.org, WMW.org and UAL.net. There are several more linked to that same NameCheap account that are of secondary value. We spoke with the owner who alerted us to the fact; these domains were resold via […]

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