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10 Questions with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales was on PBS earlier tonight, and while a lot of folks don’t seem to like the lack of special effects and dramatic visual transitions of the Public Broadcasting Service, the channel maintains an old school journalistic attention to detail. The Wikipedia founder stated that Wikipedia needs more female editors, to offset the number […]

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Daryl’s Domain Diaries: Chapter 7 – President George W. Bush, let .XXX become a reality!

The other night I was reading about how the damn Congress turned down the approval of the .XXX domains based upon some obscure obscenity laws. Then I went to my local drugstore and bought the latest Hustler and Penthouse. It would be a busy Saturday night. Fuck it. Need more beer and more pretty girls. […]

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Accident or censorship? Spicy title gets blocked at Namebee

While we consciously try to use post titles that are short, effective and PG-13 there are times that certain words have to be used. πŸ˜‰ Hence the post about Rick Schwartz’s adult domains from earlier today; the title contained the word “porno“. The post does not appear in the RSS feed timeline of Namebee – […]

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