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Five Questions for Chef Patrick – Newly Hired Cook for Oversee

What’s not to like about Chef Patrick? The best thing about Patrick Ruddell, is his demeanor. It would take an army of people with Tourette’s to make the guy flinch. It usually takes one hot chick from his weekly videos at ChefPatrick.com to make him visibly excited. His upcoming domainer cruise in October was met […]

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WTF? A ChatRoulette clone sells for $151 big ones?

Don’t be surprised – we told you so. The recent noise behind traffic magnet, ChatRoulette.com hasn’t even started. Already dozens of copycat sites are starting to sprout, all while the Russian teenager who came up with the idea of connecting “strangers” via camera on the Internet is probably having second thoughts for not selling the […]

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Chef Patrick launches ChefRoulette.com – New Domainer video chat

As a St. Patrick’s Day special, serial entrepreneur Patrick Ruddell – also known as Chef Patrick – is launching a brand new project today. Aimed at the bored domainer who has too much time on their hands, ChefRoulette.com is about to take the domaining world by storm. “I looked around and saw that there is […]

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