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Epik on free speech : Disclaimer attempts damage control after #Christchurch fiasco

Epik, the domain registrar founded by entrepreneur Rob Monster, is performing “damage control” on Twitter. In a pinned Tweet, Epik.com refers to its stewardship of freedom of speech on the Internet, along with references to providing no endorsement of content for domain names it services. Says Epik: “Epik.com has a long history of standing for […]

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#Epik CEO, Rob Monster, believed the #Christchurch video was not real!

In what appears to be a remarkable demonstration of disconnect from reality, Rob Monster, CEO of Epik.com, questioned the legitimacy of the Christchurch massacre video. The chilling video was streamed live on social media, then stored in a variety of formats. We have watched the video, which is shot in first person as the murderer […]

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