Epik on free speech : Disclaimer attempts damage control after #Christchurch fiasco

Epik, the domain registrar founded by entrepreneur Rob Monster, is performing “damage control” on Twitter.

In a pinned Tweet, Epik.com refers to its stewardship of freedom of speech on the Internet, along with references to providing no endorsement of content for domain names it services.

Says Epik:

“Epik.com has a long history of standing for free speech. This became more visible with our decision to allow the domain name Gab.com to be transferred from GoDaddy to Epik, That attracted critics. Domain registrars enable online communication itself, since all websites and email depends on domains. Allowing a domain to exist does not imply endorsement of content published on a website.”

It’s reasonably valid to question this stance, based on recent activity by Epik’s CEO, Rob Monster, who deleted his Twitter account after making controversial statements on the Christchurch massacre and sharing links to the violent video depicting the mass murder of dozens of innocent people.

In a response to the Epik statement, domain investor Richard Dynas states:

“But the owners words do.”

In our opinion, the Epik incident is reminiscent of the Papa John’s controversy, which resulted in the removal of CEO, John Schnatter.

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