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Clubhouse .io : Still not rebranded to Shortcut.com

Clubhouse, the project management app creators, switched from Clubhouse.io to Shortcut.com due to mass confusion with the social media giant by the same name. Operating from Clubhouse.com, the social media platform obliterated the chances that Clubhouse.io had to maintain a distinct brand of its own. At the end of July, Clubhouse.io announced it’s switching to […]

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No, #Clubhouse is not getting the #domain name Club.com

A couple of months ago I received an invite to Clubhouse, the voice chat social media platform. Being an Android user, I went to the Google Play Store and searched for the app. I ended up installing the Clubhouse app, just not the right one. I must admit I didn’t pay much attention; the alternatives […]

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#Clubhouse domainers : Time to get your 10 dollar domain name?

Call me stupid, but I just had to join Clubhouse. It’s an iOS app, so for us Android plebes it’s a no-go. My fingers typed in www dot apple dot com and minutes later I was ordering a spanking new Apple iPhone 12. Seven hundred dollars lighter—I wanted to keep my Samsung S20 and didn’t […]

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