Brexit : Donuts offers to buy Britain’s domain assets for $70 million dollars!

Following the devastating domino effect of Brexit, all British assets are currently valued at millennium-old lows. Seizing this opportunity, Donuts, Inc. has apparently placed a sizable offer to buy Britain’s ccTLD for the sum of $70 million USD. Donuts, Inc. CEO, Paul Stahura, sent a letter to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, this morning, […]

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British domain auction house has amended their original announcement, naming and shaming a shill bidder who attempted to pump an auction’s selling price. The updated announcement reads as follows: A shill bidder was detected attempting to place a bid (if there are any more of those left, please remember, this auction site will not […]

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Bloody lovely! British bidder attempts to shill bid on own domain

The British owned web site DomainLore – a marketplace for domain names – has posted an announcement, outing a shill bidder who attempted to place bids on their own domains being auctioned. This practice is known as “shill bidding” and it’s grounds for account termination in all major auction venues, including eBay. The text […]

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