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MuslimRegistry.com : BuyDomains sold the domain for under $1,000 to a crowdfunding activist !

Donald Trump’s proposed “Muslim Registry” became a hot topic, and naturally, the matching domain MuslimRegistry.com was queried. Registered in 2002, the aged, two-word .com compound was owned by the domain marketplace, BuyDomains. Philip “Gus” Mayopoulos, an activist, was able to collect donations via a GoFundme campaign to acquire the domain MuslimRegistry.com, through crowdfunding. The domain […]

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WildFireWeb : Crowdfunding campaign for Tinder trademark infringement lawsuit

There’s tinder® and there’s tinder(tm). One is a registered trademark owned by WildFireWeb®, and most Internet users probably never heard of it, as it’s a cloud based content management software that enables schools and academia to self-manage their web sites. The other is a popular matching app with roughly 50 million registered users, and they […]

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Bitcoin madness: Bit Film Fund casts ‘sorority’ hotties to attract crowdfunding

This is how effective marketing is done these days: Mention “Bitcoin” and other cryptocurrencies and you have a great starting point. Add some visuals of young, attractive actresses depicting hot sorority sisters, and you have a sure winner. 😀 BitFilmFund.com aims at using crowdfunding to finance its upcoming range of movies, and Bitcoin is how […]

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