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Deadbeat #domainer : Looks like #DropCatch user “bbb888” did not pay for Tema.com

Tema.com was auctioned off for a sizable six figures last week but DropCatch did not receive any payment within the designated period. Auction winner, user “bbb888” on DropCatch apparently jerked everyone around, bidding up to $128,938 dollars all the way up from five figures. That asshole move representative of a deadbeat domainer led DropCatch to […]

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Domain drama: $40,000 unpaid bid at Afternic raises forum tempers

Using company credentials, a partner of an Indian social media & web design company placed a $40,000 offer on Afternic; he never followed up with payment once that offer was accepted. Some of you might gasp at the amount involved, as Indian web development companies are known for low cost development, hence their use in […]

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